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About Our Show

Our shows are a perfect addition to any event where there is a crowd of spectators. In the past we have performed at events such as the Florida Motorcycling Expo and Leesburg Bike-fest. Shows of this nature are becoming a more and more frequent site at car shows, air shows, swap meets, fairs, concerts, and major establishment grand openings or events. Shows can be performed either outdoors or indoors, and require a relatively small area. A typical show will need a flat space of about 45' by 100'. You set aside the space and we do the rest. The shows are typically 12-15 minutes long, and feature the rider(s) attacking a series of impossible obstacles set on and around a 25' demo-trailer. Obstacles include things like large cable spools, an open box mounted on the back of the trailer, assorted independent man-made obstacles, a platform suspended on the neck of our trailer, and an enormous 10’ box on the front of the trailer.

Each show is announced and set to music, and has an after show period where the audience can meet the rider and get autographs. Our system is totally self-contained, with our own PA system and power supply when needed. Whether the rider is jumping across large gaps, doing 180 degree flip turns, jumping off of an 8 foot platform, splattering a 10’ wall, doing insane trick riding, bunny hopping our announcer, or performing any other array of endless balancing skills the audience will be stunned and have a topic of conversation for weeks to come.

The most effective means for describing our shows comes by calling them “stunt riding”, but once witnessed in person, it is easy to realize that the Extreme Riding Exhibitions are above and beyond your usual stunt show. It is a point in the cycling world where Freestyle Moto-cross and BMX bicycling merge together, forming a new form of entertainment unto itself in the realm of extreme sports. Our events are fully staffed with a uniformed crew, self-contained, and conducted in a professional manner. We are equipped to accommodate both indoor and outdoor venues, and surfaces ranging from asphalt or concrete to dirt or grass. We do all of our own setup, and only ask that the promoter provide a barricaded, flat area for the show. Adam may be made available for media interviews or photo-shoots on show days to help promote your event.
About Our Rig
One of the greatest aspects of our shows is the ease of setup--for you. You provide the space and we take care of the rest. Our rig consists of a 25' gooseneck trailer that serves as a centerpiece for an assortment of insane obstacles. The rig is setup so that riders work from the back of the trailer towards an enormous box, towering some 10' in the air. On the trailer are things like an huge cable reel, ramps, and other boxes. The trailer itself, also functions as an obstacle for balancing tricks and other maneuvers. Apart from the trailer we have independent obstacles like the large frame you will find on our picture page, or other A-frame types of obstacles. We are continually adding to our setup, so as each show becomes more impressive than the last. If a promoter provides a junk car for the event, we also include a routine involving the car--which tends to be a very popular crowd pleaser.

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